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Working Strategies

  1. Conduct programs in co-ordination and cooperation with quarantine service implementing agencies like plant & food quarantine, customs, police administration, government lawyers etc. in the central, provisional and local level.

  2. Conduct quarantine programs according to Animal health and Livestock Service Act, 2055 and its regulation 2056, based on guidelines of OIE and WTO

  3. Examine importing animal and animal products, investigate their health certificate and other document and issue a quarantine certificate if it meets the recommended standard. Also, provide vaccination as per working guidelines. And if found against of law, take necessary action as per Animal Health and livestock Services Act, 2055 and regulation, 2056. Also, provide vaccination as per need

  4. In doubt of presence of infectious diseases on importing animals, keep the suspected animal in quarantine site and send its necessary sample to prescribed laboratory for confirmation in the expenses of importer. If found infected, restrict the animal for entry and take action as per Animal Health and livestock Services Act, 2055 and regulation 2056. If found healthy, issue the quarantine certificate.

  5. Examine exporting animal, animal products, their health certificate and other documents and encourage them for vaccination according to requirement for promoting export.


  1. Emphasize internal quarantine to prevent the spread of infectious diseases from one place to another in the country.

  2. Emphasize international quarantine to prevent the entry of infectious disease along with animal, animal products and animal production inputs through airways from different countries.

  3. In case, any new infectious disease found in the animal coming through the border or spreading infectious diseases on border areas, first inform to District Livestock Service Office (DLSO) and assist DLSO in diagnosis and control of disease. Also inform to Department of Livestock Services, Regional Directorate of Livestock Service, Central Animal Quarantine Office and Veterinary Epidemiology Center.

  4. Conduct or assist to conduct program in co-ordination and cooperation with government lawyer, custom, district administration office, district police office, related police unit and elected representative of local level within the district.

  5. Conduct discussions and workshop with farmer, entrepreneur and stakeholder to raise awareness or to sharing of information quarantine.

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