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  1. Quarantine examination:

Animal quarantine checkposts examine animal, animal products and animal production materials exported from outside countries in its specified area.


  1. Checkpost and border monitoring:

Each Animal quarantine office regularly monitors its checkposts and borders, Central animal quarantine office monitors any of checkposts, animal quarantine office as per need to discourage the free movement of animal , animal products and animal production inputs through open border. The help of police administration can be taken for border monitoring as per need.


  1. Disinfection:

The transporting vehicles used for carrying animal, animal products and animal production material are disinfected using various disinfectants with appropriate procedure of disinfection to prevent the risk of entry of infectious disease in the country.


  1. Animal quarantine awareness program:

Central Animal Quarantine Office, including all the animal quarantine offices, conduct programs to enhance awareness about quarantine.


  1. Sending Import Export Record:

Each animal quarantine office maintains the record of import and export of animal, animal products and animal production inputs from and to different countries and send to the central animal quarantine office on monthly basis.


  1. Disease reporting:

During quarantine examination, if any contagious animal disease as listed in Animal Health and livestock Services act 2055 is suspected, it should be immediately inform to Central Animal Quarantine Office, Veterinary Epidemiology Center, and the necessary sample should be sent to prescribed labs for confirmation. The suspected animal, animal products should be kept in specified area, holding yards with proper monitoring till the arrival of laboratory report.


  1. Vaccination

Animal movement is the main source of disease PPR. PPR control program is effectively running in Nepal. So, PPR vaccination should be done to all sheep/goat coming from other countries. The vaccination procedure should be done according to Product information booklet, received along with vaccine from Central biological production laboratory.


  1. Sample collection and dispatch

Every animal quarantine offices and checkposts under the suspicion of any disease collect necessary sample and send to prescribed laboratory for confirmation at the expenses of importer. The detail information of sample e.g place of animal coming from, age of animal, symptoms ,date of sample collection etc should be clearly mentioned while sending the sample to the specified laboratory. The importer should be informed about the lab report. According to the lab report, the decision is taken by quarantine office and maintains its record properly.


  1. Preparing and publishing annual bulletin

In the beginning of the fiscal year, every quarantine office prepare and publish an annual bulletin and send it to Central animal quarantine office. The annual bulletin should contain details of all the activities carried out in previous year based on their annual approved program, also any new activities done in the previous year. The central animal quarantine office compile the report from all the quarantine office and including its own activities, it prepares and publishes its annual bulletin and send it to all the concerned area. The necessary amount for the program will be as per the arrangement in the approved budget program.


  1. Monitoring and Supervision

Animal quarantine office do regular monitoring of their checkposts and report to central animal quarantine office about their progress and problems. Similarly central animal quarantine office do regular monitoring and supervision of Animal quarantine office and their checkpost and submit the report to the directorate of animal health. Employees to conduct monitoring will have to be at least officer level or authorized employee.

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